Love The Name, What’s It All About?

Our Bird Has Flown was created by Indra and Paul Bowers, a marketer and photographer respectively, who live in San Diego and recently became empty nesters.

Our teen son leaves for college this year; he’s moving to the other side of the country (gulp). We want to share that experience and what we learn along the way. We’re excited, relieved and a bit wistful about our only son leaving home. Can any of you relate?

Indra was the primary earner, while Paul played lead parent, and supported Indra’s hectic life as a small business owner. We’ll talk about living in a role-reversed family and, hopefully, encourage other role-reversed families in the process.

As we become empty nesters we’ll reflect on memories, teaching moments and episodes both heartbreaking and hilarious, while celebrating this new chapter of all of our lives.

We hope to create a community of other recent or soon-to-be empty nesters, sharing experiences, support, encouragement, and advice about being a family in the 21st century with creativity, empathy, intelligence and humor.


Indra Gardiner Bowers

Indra Gardiner Bowers


Raised in NYC by divorced parents, Indra’s upbringing was far from the norm. This was the sixties and seventies; a time of sex, drugs and rock & roll. She moved around a lot, dropped out of high school, traveled extensively and was determined to earn her own money and create financial independence. Indra is CEO and co-founder of i.d.e.a. a San Diego-based integrated marketing firm. She has settled down.

Paul M Bowers

Paul M Bowers


Born on the opposite side of the country from Indra, Paul was raised in a traditional family by Catholic and catholic parents, living in the same city his whole life. However, as a commercial/advertising photographer Paul chose a life that eschewed the 9 to 5, and determined that if he was ever lucky enough to have a family he would be an actively engaged father and husband.

Jesse Bowers

Jesse Bowers


Our Bird, who flies to college in the Northeast in late August majoring in Communications with emphasis in Political Science, which we prefer to call Public Service.

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