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Raised in NYC by divorced parents, Indra’s upbringing was far from the norm. This was the sixties and seventies; a time of sex, drugs and rock & roll. She moved around a lot, dropped out of high school, traveled extensively and was determined to earn her own money and create financial independence. Indra is CEO and co-founder of i.d.e.a. a San Diego-based integrated marketing firm. She has settled down.

An Inconclusive Cancer Screening in the Pinkest Month of the Year

An inconclusive mammogram in the pinkest month of the year is tough.

When I was about seven months pregnant, the doctor informed us that the ventricles in our baby’s brain were measuring larger than the standard range.  This was, of course, scary and meant that every couple of weeks for the remainder of the pregnancy we would have to schlep to the hospital for testing. They couldn’t […]

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Financial Planning for College with Rick Brooks – OBHF Ep. 17

Tips for financial planning for college.

One of the things I try to do with parents of littles (I mean really little) is encourage them to start their financial planning for college as soon as possible. Is that obnoxious? Yeah, maybe. Here we are playing with their happy baby, enjoying the moment, and I’m talking about something 17 years in the […]

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Advice for High School Seniors and their Parents with College Coach Rita Waters – OBHF Podcast Ep. 16

Expert advice for high school seniors who are college bound.

San Diego college coach Rita Waters has helped dozens of families and she has some advice for high school seniors and their parents. While the junior year of high school is often considered the toughest, senior year is not a cake walk. Rita says it requires patience and fortitude! All through the summer, impending seniors […]

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Planning a Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip – OBHF Ep. 15

Paul's been planning a cross-country motorcycle trip for a while.

When Paul told me he was planning a cross-country motorcycle trip, I was both apprehensive and excited for him at the same time. What wife wouldn’t be?! He’s well trained, wears all the right gear and is cautious. The problem is all the car drivers out there who don’t watch out for motorcycles. They’re the […]

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How High School Juniors Can Prepare for College – OBHF Podcast Ep. 14

Touring colleges is part of how high school juniors can prepare for college.

When it came to college we knew we didn’t know everything, so we needed to find a college coach who could tell us how high school juniors can prepare for college. We’re so grateful to Rita Waters, who coaches juniors and seniors (watch for that episode soon) in the San Diego area. Rita has been […]

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