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Raised in NYC by divorced parents, Indra’s upbringing was far from the norm. This was the sixties and seventies; a time of sex, drugs and rock & roll. She moved around a lot, dropped out of high school, traveled extensively and was determined to earn her own money and create financial independence. Indra is CEO and co-founder of i.d.e.a. a San Diego-based integrated marketing firm. She has settled down.

Listener’s Letters: Inquiries Into Our Quest to Have a Top Parenting Teens Blog

We respond to listener's letters about our parenting teens blog

As we faced our son’s imminent departure, we asked ourselves, “Selves, what do we want to do with all this extra time we’ll have once our bird has flown?” and we answered, “Set out to create a parenting teens blog, that includes how we raised him (role-reversed), the college transition, and life as empty nesters.” […]

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Raising a Kid – Video

While Paul was out changing his clothes during our initial video shoot to introduce Our Bird Has Flown our makeup artist, the lovely Natalie Bohlin, asked me about raising a kid. We got into it and unlike our more light-hearted videos, this one got a bit deep. I didn’t know if these would make the […]

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