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My Top Bacon Breakfast Hack

Bacon eggs breakfast

Did someone say bacon? Here’s my current top bacon hack! I know bacon has become a “thing” and it’s not mine—with certain exceptions.Thoughtfully integrated into a more substantial plot line, the smoked pig certainly has its place. And that’s not in a chocolate bar. If I had religion, breakfast would be my sacrament, with bacon […]

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Duct Tape is for Ducts.

Duct tape is for ducts. Sure, duct tape is legendary- people make wallets out of it, the Mythbusters made a sailboat with it. But cloth-tape cognoscenti use the finest, strongest, and damages-surfaces-the-least tape—and that’s Gaffer tape. It’s strong, but easy to tear into smaller strips, has a synthetic adhesive that leaves little on the surface […]

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