Duct Tape is for Ducts.

Gaffer tape

Gaff Tape. It’s the Real Thing.

Duct tape is for ducts.

Sure, duct tape is legendary- people make wallets out of it, the Mythbusters made a sailboat with it.

But cloth-tape cognoscenti use the finest, strongest, and damages-surfaces-the-least tape—and that’s Gaffer tape. It’s strong, but easy to tear into smaller strips, has a synthetic adhesive that leaves little on the surface to which it’s applied. Many colors, widths—oh the wonder of gaffer tape.

The problem with gaffer tape has always been the size of the roll makes it an impractical item to carry in one’s kit. A typical 30-yard roll is hardly portable for everyday use.

So I was excited to learn about (yes, this stuff gets me worked up) this new small-roll format.

I carry a small sling bag/backpack/murse wherever I go, and one of these is now part of the standard kit.

What’s in your kit?