Graduating High School – The OBHF Podcast: Ep. 9

Graduating High School

So proud of this kid, high school graduate and now on to college.

Graduating high school was not filled with sadness for our son Jesse, in fact, he was pretty happy that it was over. Anyone out there relate?

Now, after graduating high school (we’re pretty sure…) he contemplates his summer – working mostly, and the next chapter, moving to Connecticut for college.

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Why graduating high school was a happy thing
  • What a high school grad does for work in the summer
  • What Jesse is looking forward to at college and what he’s worried about

Graduating high school and getting into college is a big deal, we’re proud of you Jesse!

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  • OBHF Podcast Ep. 9 Transcript - Graduating High School


    Paul M Bowers: Hey and welcome to the Our Bird Has Flown podcast. I am Paul M Bowers, your host for today and I am joined today by our special guest Jesse Tomás Bowers.

    Jesse T Bowers: You’re really proud of that intro aren’t you? That little doodle doo dup, you’re really on that.

    Paul M Bowers: Come on that’s awesome Jesse’s over there sitting watching me dance while the intro comes in, now I remember being in your podcast and you’re pretty much doing the same thing.

    Jesse T Bowers: Not at all true the ready set soar hour’s are a very professional podcast, where I did not dance once.

    Paul M Bowers: Yet nobody saw it because it’s a podcast not a video so it doesn’t count.

    Jesse T Bowers: Never once.

    Paul M Bowers: I’ve watched you move I did it on the intros like here it comes, here it comes.


    Paul M Bowers: First we have to take care of business and that means talking about our sponsor Green Fresh Florals, at friend Carlos Franco has a shop in San Diego’s Hillcrest area, at thirty-seven eighty-five fourth avenue and you can call him then he can place your order, 619-544-5004, if you have folks in the San Diego area or if you have them out of town even, Carlos can handle all that and he does it with—.

    Everything is unique, this is not crank and ship it out, this is not well can’t say the brand name but let’s say that three-letter designation for that florals with the mercury sign. I don’t even know if they are still alive but anyway greenfreshflorals.comis a proud sponsor of Our Bird Has Flown podcast, which you should subscribe to. Now Jesse Bowers our special guest tell us what happened on Saturday?

    Jesse T Bowers: So Saturday I graduated from high school and it wasn’t really a graduation per se I didn’t get my diploma, it was a let’s have a big ceremony and then give pieces of paper that says, “Psych! Your diploma is actually gonna be in the office around July.”

    Paul M Bowers: Now do we know for sure that you’ve graduated (graduating high school) have we seen grades, do we know that we’re safe and that you’re not gonna get called back to high school?

    Jesse T Bowers: We’re fine I’m pretty sure we’re fine I think I would know if I hadn’t graduated because I don’t think I would have walked if I didn’t.

    Paul M Bowers: Were there people that didn’t walk?

    Jesse T Bowers: I think there was one or two people that were not there and I don’t remember who, but I remember noting specifically that there were a couple of people that were not there.

    Paul M Bowers: But that they weren’t there doesn’t mean they didn’t graduate?

    Jesse T Bowers: No it’s for sure.

    Paul M Bowers: So is this one of those situations that they have for millennials where everyone gets a trophy.

    Jesse T Bowers: I don’t think it’s an everyone gets a trophy situation I think if there are some people that didn’t work hard enough to get the trophy.

    Paul M Bowers: So tell me a little bit about what it’s like to leave high school in your rearview mirror?

    Jesse T Bowers: For a lot of people I’ll talk about other people’s experiences before mine, a lot of my friends are sad about it they’re pretty you know, “Oh my God all my friends I’m kind of beat down about it, all of my friends are leaving high school and I’m going to never see them again”, and then I’m kind of just like you know what? “I’m out I’ll see you guys later and probably never again”, and I’m not too upset about it. I expected to be a lot more upset about it but really I’m working, I’ve got a whole new system set up and I’m doing fine, I don’t really mind you know leaving high school.

    Paul M Bowers: Tell us about your job.

    Jesse T Bowers: So I work at Catalina Offshore Products.

    Paul M Bowers:

    Jesse T Bowers:

    Paul M Bowers: They’re not a sponsor so we shouldn’t mention them.

    Jesse T Bowers: I’m not a sponsor but they are a sponsor of my personal paycheck so they can be mentioned, we sell the best fish in all of San Diego and we should be the only people selling fish in all of San Diego, unfortunately, we’re not. We work outside of a big market on Moreno Boulevard on Lovelock street and I work in IT at Catalina Offshore Products, but not only am I IT but I’m also the coordinate between our internal systems and our managers. Simply because there’s a lot going on in IT that some people don’t have the skills to understand, so I am the person that makes it easy to understand those systems.

    Paul M Bowers: Well, first just because Catalina Offshores is our friend we should point out that they do ship worldwide.

    Jesse T Bowers: You can visit us online at Catalinaopmyshopify.comand you can buy online except for this week because we’re going to be shutting down our website from Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    Paul M Bowers: My Shopify do you work with my shopify?

    Jesse T Bowers: I do work with our Shopify systems yes; it’s more integrating our Shopify systems now with a new system, so that’s why we have to shut down this week.

    Paul M Bowers: So alright you don’t leave for college until the twenty two?

    Jesse T Bowers: More so and my college starts on the twenty-two of August yes.

    Paul M Bowers: [Laughter]So what are you doing? What’s your summer looking like?

    Jesse T Bowers: So my summer is looking like working. I’m pretty much doing nothing but working most of my friends are going to be leaving town, one of them is going on a big trip, the other one is going to early summer campus and then I’m kind of just gonna be the only one here out of my normal friend group. So I’m just gonna be working most of the time I have a lot of plans to do a lot of projects at home, specifically regarding my computer and I’m kind of just trying to downsize most of my stuff to get ready for college because I can’t bring my entire room to college with me.

    Paul M Bowers: You can’t even bring half of it; you can’t even bring ten percent of it.

    Jesse T Bowers:  You say that but that’s where you’re wrong.

    Paul M Bowers: Now you are aware that dorm rooms are not only small but they’re shared right you know?

    Jesse T Bowers: I’m well aware and I think that your dorm rooms were a lot smaller than my dorm.

    Paul M Bowers:I didn’t have a dorm room.

    Jesse T Bowers: You didn’t have a dorm room?

    Paul M Bowers: No I didn’t have a dorm room.

    Jesse T Bowers: What did you have?

    Paul M Bowers: Because I didn’t go away to college.

    Jesse T Bowers: Alright you didn’t go to college.

    Paul M Bowers: I stayed fairly local so I had a-

    Jesse T Bowers: So then you’re not speaking from experience?

    Paul M Bowers: No I’m not the only experience I’m speaking of is going to the colleges with you and looking and looking, “Wow, these look small” even though you have fairly deluxe accommodations I gotta say.

    Jesse T Bowers: They’re pretty good I gotta say I think they have enough room to handle my stuff.

    Paul M Bowers: This is not eastern bloc that you’re going into, this is like a modern-

    Jesse T Bowers: Even though it is the east not eastern bloc but east.

    Paul M Bowers: And tell our listeners where you go to college?

    Jesse T Bowers: I’m gonna be going to college at Quinnipiac Universityup in Connecticut, it’s beautiful it’s actually like about twenty minutes from Yale if you need a point of reference, it’s on the East Coast and it’s probably where I’m going to be spending a lot of my life in the future.

    Paul M Bowers: Why Quinnipiac?

    Jesse T Bowers: Quinnipiac offers a program where you can start your major on your first year and that was one of the key deciding factors for why I’m going to Quinnipiac, they basically just said, “Yeah you do have to do your Genet of course, you gotta do your math, you gotta do your English, blah blah blah.” But we’re gonna start you with comm courses you’re semester one, we’re not gonna just say, “Yeah you can’t do anything related to your major until year two or three.”

    Paul M Bowers: Comm courses?

    Jesse T Bowers: Communications courses. I’m going to become a communications major.

    Paul M Bowers: And what is it your intending to do with that?

    Jesse T Bowers: I was thinking about it recently and mom actually-

    Paul M Bowers: I’m glad you were thinking about it.

    Jesse T Bowers: Mom actually mentioned something at dinner a few nights ago about being a lobbyist and it kind of struck a tone because when I think of lobbyist, I think of you know big evil corporations coming in lobbying the Senate to make evil things happen and my immediate reaction was, “Oh no, I can’t be a lobbyist” but then I thought about it and I was like, “I would be a really good lobbyist”.

    Paul M Bowers: I think you would be a good lobbyist but remember you have this promise hanging over from your father because I am your father that if you’re a politician you have to call it public service please and if you’re a good one then you’re safe. If you turn out to be an evil politician or an evil lobbyist, then I’m not so certain about your future.

    Jesse T Bowers: See at that point I probably will have security so?

    Paul M Bowers: You’re gonna be surrounded by thugs?

    Jesse T Bowers: I wouldn’t call them thugs; I would call them hired protection.

    Paul M Bowers: Security professionals?

    Jesse T Bowers: Security professionals absolutely.

    Paul M Bowers: Well, let’s get back to because I think our listeners a lot of people that are listening to us are giving some feedback, that they like to hear about the process and you’ve been in high school now I have known and you can take this ball and run with it school is not your favorite activity.

    Jesse T Bowers: That’s very true school has never been my favorite activity.

    Paul M Bowers: Well you like to learn now so tell me a little bit about this?

    Jesse T Bowers: So the thing that differentiates learning in school is homework, that’s all I’ve had for a long time as school is homework, school is you take the math project, you take it home, you do the math project, you turn it in, you get a grade that’s it. There’s no you know why does the math do it this way? There’s no why, who created this and who can we yell at about having math this way?

    Paul M Bowers: Well I do remember in high school your math teacher had artists on the wall and would equate math with art, so he’s trying to provide relevance.

    Jesse T Bowers: This is true of my math teacher. Mr. Berger was very, very good at relating math to art and making there be just creating a purpose behind math. I always respected that but I still to this day believe that math is simply just home work.

    Paul M Bowers: Well I think there are a lot of mathematicians out there that might disagree with you.

    Jesse T Bowers: Absolutely.

    Paul M Bowers: What I’m what I’m trying to get at is the environment didn’t seem to work for you.

    Jesse T Bowers: No.

    Paul M Bowers: And this is, as a father I have to try to not project myself on the blank canvas that is yourself, but soon after I guess it was second grade, second or third grade, I started getting the vibe from you that school wasn’t for you, like what it was for me. It was the least fun part of learning and the least fun methodology of learning that remember you had, I got you that T-Shirt that had a school desk on it said, “Ancient torture device”.

    Jesse T Bowers: Yes! I remember that T-Shirt very well.

    Paul M Bowers: Because there’s something about the way that the school is set up it was set up for you know? Making factory workers it was not set up to have kids to open their imaginations and let them fly away. Now part of it is teachers have thirty-something students and they’ve got to get a certain amount of material crammed into the little minds full of mush and that’s not a terrific environment for it. But you seem to not enjoy it from the very start and I started doing what I could to support and encourage you at school, nevertheless, we tried and we tried to find alternative schools for you – charter schools, smaller scale schools, schools that were run by entrepreneurs’ that was helpful right?

    Jesse T Bowers: Yeah absolutely I do, I will admit that while there is some tension still between the current school administration that we’re not gonna get into, I have a huge amount of respect for the administration that I’ve had for the last four years especially in high school Charles. He took he basically found me and said listen, kid; “I know you don’t like you know, doing this work and doing the groundwork so here’s something else to do better” and he gave me the Ready Set Soar podcast and I ran with it, and it was probably the best podcast that I’ve ever done obviously not including.

    Paul M Bowers: All the podcast you’ve ever done except for the “Our Bird Has Flown podcast”

    Jesse T Bowers: I have always had people there to support me. Donna Hugh always took care of me; I’ve always had people there to support me through school that they were running.

    Paul M Bowers: Certainly Dr. McCurdy.

    Jesse T Bowers: Dr. McCurdy, Of course, Dr. McCurdy, probably I don’t think I would be where I am with the exception of Dr. McCudy, if he was not there I would not be the person I am today.

    Paul M Bowers: You remember what you used to call him?

    Jesse T Bowers: Let’s not, let’s not.

    Paul M Bowers: So just so everyone knows McCurdy he’s a doctor the guy’ss a wizard and really, really good with kids, one of the things that defines him as a person is he wears sandals to school and for the first two years Jesse always used to refer to him as Jesus sandals, “Well Jesus sandals had an announcement today”.

    Jesse T Bowers: He had Jesus sandals and I was like, “Alright this is a name I’m thinking that’s what everybody kind of called him”.

    Paul M Bowers: He still does, doesn’t he?

    Jesse T Bowers: He still does wear the sandals although I feel like he’s kind of upgraded the sandals a little bit.


    Paul M Bowers: He did wear shoes to the graduation ceremony but speaking of ceremonies, I have to endorse yet another one of the Our Bird Has Flown sponsors and this one is the National Conflict Resolution Center and we’re proud to be sponsored by and NCRC. NCRC works with thousands of individuals across the globe to help resolve conflicts at all levels of society through unique and effective training programs, I have been trained by the national conflict resolution center and I’m sure that Jesse will confirm whenever there’s a conflict at our home it’s always handled in a neutral manner.

    Jesse T Bowers: I will not confirm that.

    Paul M Bowers: NCRC also offers mediation services for the public, legal community, divorce mediation and individuals and families and conflict resolution services for community-based disputes, check them out at fan. So now you’ve graduated from high school it’s in your mirror, I’ve got a guess you’re gonna be working until you go off to college. What are your expectations at college?

    Jesse T Bowers: That’s an interesting question what are my expectations at college? Well-

    Paul M Bowers: Is it gonna be as easy as high school?

    Jesse T Bowers: No.

    Paul M Bowers: It gratifies me really to hear that you have some touch with the reality of this.

    Jesse T Bowers: I know it’s not gonna be as easy as high school but high school was made easy for me because I reached out, college is gonna be rough because I don’t know anybody at college, I don’t know the professors, I don’t know the administrators. I’m not able to walk directly into the administrator’s office in the morning and say, “Hey I’m having a rough time and say you know let’s go take a walk or something”, I don’t have that access now, of course, I haven’t gotten there yet so I’m I might not be speaking the truth but-

    Paul M Bowers: Well I think you’re speaking certainly speaking the truth, for now, one of the things that impressed me about Quinnipiac and most of the colleges that we toured was their emphasis on that connection.

    Jesse T Bowers: That’s true.

    Paul M Bowers: Quinnipiac the number of students in each class is small so they encourage you to have contact with your professor, so I think there are resources available to you-you just don’t know yet what they are exactly.

    Jesse T Bowers: I haven’t gotten there yet I haven’t gone and actually done the work on the campus yet, I’m sitting here.

    Paul M Bowers: Well comfortably I should [Inaudible 15:49].

    Jesse T Bowers: [Inaudible 15:51].

    Paul M Bowers: Nevertheless, you’re gonna develop those relationships so that that you have those, what do you think is going to be the most difficult part of college?

    Jesse T Bowers: The most difficult part of college, probably trying to get my footing in a new area, I know San Diego like the back of my hand I know everything where everything is how to get from one place to another, I know where I can go in the event of an emergency, I know where I can go to get the best food. I have never spent any time in Connecticut other than at Buck’s Rockand for our visit to the campus, so I’m kind of stuck I’m not entirely certain what the future holds simply because I haven’t seen the future yet.

    Paul M Bowers: So your greatest challenge so far is off campus?

    Jesse T Bowers: Yes, I think on campus it’s very simple it’s you know go to class, go to the lunch room, go to your dorm fairly simple its-

    Paul M Bower: And study…

    Jesse T Bowers: And study yeah.

    Paul M Bowers: Oh yeah, there’s that part.

    Jesse T Bowers: Yeah, just kind of it was it was term then you go to your dorm. Off campus it’s like a whole new world I’m on a different coast, people drive differently there, I’m a Californian I drive like a Californian, they’re Connecticut they drive like New Yorkers, I don’t know what to expect.

    Paul M Bowers: Well, you know something I mean you have visited, you’ve seen it, you know where Frank Pepe’sis.

    Jesse T Bowers: That’s true and but Frank Pepe’s has about an hour wait so…

    Paul M Bowers: Possibly yes but you’ll learn how to time umm tell me what you’re most looking forward to at college?

    Jesse T Bowers: Not being here.

    Paul M Bowers: Uhhhh.

    Jesse T Bowers: Not in a personal way in a sense of it’s-

    Paul M Bowers: You’re gonna miss your dog or at least right?

    Jesse T Bowers: I’m going to miss my dog and my parents and my nice comfortable bed but it’s a new experience, it’s something new and it’s a new place and I’m going to go and be an adult in Connecticut, rather than stay here in San Diego for the next four to six years and not actually grow outside of my bubble.

    Paul M Bowers: Well tell me a little about that. You had a lot of colleges available to you and you ended up applying almost exclusively on the East Coast, tell me why?

    Jesse T Bowers: That’s a tough question too I really like the East Coast I always have. I Love New York, I love Connecticut and I spent a summer in Connecticut at Buck’s Rock which is a camp up in Connecticut. It’s a fantastic camp if you need a sleep-away camp for a month or you wanna get your kid out for a month, it’s a great campus too, our friend Noah runs it I’m gonna give them a little plug here even though they don’t pay us either.

    Paul M Bowers: That’s

    Jesse T Bowers: they’re on Facebook, they’re on Google just search them up they’re fantastic.

    Paul M Bowers: Tremendous organization I did an artist in residence program there.

    Jesse T Bowers: And I stayed there for a month it was fun.

    Paul M Bowers: Actually when it was really hot and humid.

    Jesse T Bowers: Yeah and but the thing about that was I could handle it; it wasn’t that awful. I realize that I was only there for a month and it was hot and humid for a month, not the entire summer, but even still it was manageable and I was not you know? Dying every day. I was hot and uncomfortable but not you know? “I can’t handle this I’m never going to come here again”.

    Paul M Bowers: Yeah, it was reasonable.

    Jesse T Bowers: It was reasonable.

    Paul M Bowers: People live like that and have been living like that for hundreds of years.

    Jesse T Bowers: It’s the snow.

    Paul M Bower: Yes, you’re going to have snow.

    Jesse T Bowers: Yeah see they have zip cars up in Connecticut and I don’t have insurance on zip cars so-

    Paul M Bowers: Well zip Car does just so you know.

    Jesse T Bowers: I know but I don’t know so I’m not quite sure what to expect driving in the snow. But I am looking forward to a new adventure on a different coast, simply because it’s a new coast, its closer to D.C is really what I’m looking at and it’s closer to where I wanna be for the rest of my life which is where the action happens D.C.

    Paul M Bowers: Alright then well you know? I think we’re about out of time so any last words.

    Jesse T Bowers: Not really.

    Paul M Bowers: So any last words? Well this has been another episode of the Our Bird Has Flown podcast; I am Paul M Bowers your host from the Dusty Urban Hampshire Studio of of WB6QWD lit by a single 60 watt Edison bulb hanging froma cord from the ceiling with one of those pull chain clickers.

    Jesse T Bowers: Whatever you say.

    Paul M Bowers: You gotta paint a picture alright?

    Jesse T Bowers: Okay.

    Paul M Bowers: Our podcast is remotely produced by Brian Thomas at Yokai audio in Kalamazoo Michigan; our sponsors are Green Fresh Florals at greenfreshflorals.comand the National Conflict Resolution Center at You can visit our website and you can subscribe to this podcast at ourbirdhasflown.comwhere we talk about our Topsy-Turvy home life and our college bird Jesse Bowers, thanks for clicking in and we’ll see if you next time. And thanks for graduating high school Jesse!)


    Paul M Bowers: Subscribe to the Our Bird Has Flown podcast at iTunes, give us a listen, give us five stars and if you don’t enjoy us listen and go to a movie thanks.