Legoland as the Destination—Just an Excuse

Legoland California

The Destination is Just the Excuse.

Early in my career as Dad, I needed to give myself permission to use excuses for travel. I felt pretty strongly I needed to maximize the time our Our Bird and I spent together—I needed to teach him how to travel, to become interested in the world, and to learn in ways that were fun and stimulating.

At first, it didn’t really matter where we went—I didn’t need to take grand camping trips of Australia, or attend lectures about scientific achievement—we just needed to GO.

An easy option for us was Legoland. It’s about 45 minutes from home, easy to support and encourage his building fascination with creativity in architecture and robots, and they have rides. We’d spend a few hours or most of the day—stretching the attention span bit-by-bit, walking and talking.

We learned to travel—what do we wear, what’s the weather like? Do we need books for the car? Look on the map—how far away is it? Here’s a tip—if you drive a Volvo, there’s preferred parking right up front. At the time I was driving a murdered-out fire-breathing 855r, which fit right in with the mom cars.

Volvo car

Legoland was close enough for us to bail out when toddler critical mass was reached. We didn’t need to push the envelope.

These were short and fun trips we took several times until either Legoland became too young or Our Bird became too old.

The heaps of Legos are gone now. We had some hand-me-downs, some purchased sets, some special gifts. We passed this on to younger cousins and friends. There are still the prized projects in his room that need a new home as college looms very closely.

But I think we’ll keep the Lego Eiffel Tower.