Music Keeps Us Connected

Paul and Jesse dancing

MusicOne of the things that connected Paul and me when we started dating was music. We both had a thing for the film Diva and this song in particular. We were meant to be together.

When Jesse was born Paul installed great speakers in his room cause we knew music was going to be an important part of our time together.

Singing, dancing, and being silly are some of my favorite memories of hanging out at home.


Some of these are oldies now but they hold up, so if you’re searching for new music to listen to with your kids, give them a try.

Dan Zanes—He’s got a slew of kid’s albums but Rocket Ship Beach featuring Rankin’ Don as Father Goose always made me smile. If you can see them live you won’t be disappointed!

Some of you might know their adult music, but with songs like “Violin” and “I Am Not Your Broom” you can’t go wrong with They Might Be Giants’s album titled NO! You’re in for a surprise if you’ve never heard their kid stuff.

There’s a wonderful album that John Lithgow did called Singin’ in the Bathtub that is hilarious. You can find it on Amazon. “Everybody Eats When They Come to my House” was on heavy rotation for a while at our place.

Finally, the Best of Spike Jones & His City Slickers is a classic. Just try to imitate the sounds he makes on “Hawaiian War Chant.” 

What do you listen to with your kids? What about as they get older?