My Favorite Website for College Research

college research

When we started on the path toward college I didn’t know it would involve hours of my life on website after website doing college research. There’s the sites that help you research and organize potential schools, like Naviance, which most high schools will be affiliated with. There’s the actual college sites themselves. All the sites for the testing our kids have to survive. Scholarship sites (that needs its own blog post). And then there’s my favorite site for looking under the hood – Niche.

Niche provides a nice report card at the top of the page that ranks Academics, Value, Diversity, Athletics, Party Scene and Campus. Then there’s some facts about the school, University Rankings, Admissions Info (the all-important Acceptance Rate which matters a lot if you’re kid is not a 4.0 student) and more. But the part that was of most value to me were the reviews.

Niche provides unfiltered student reviews of the university.

It’s fascinating reading folks. I’m sure when it first came out colleges were flipped out. But that kind of feedback can be so helpful to students and parents on the college research journey.

Of course it starts with the excellent reviews, which are worth skimming but it’s that middle section that can teach you a lot. For example, I already know there’s a good chance Jesse will need refills of his meal plan, based on numerous reviews of his college of choice.

One of the ways colleges get dinged is their party scene. Students will give the school a bad review because of its party scene. Priorities people!

Niche gave me interesting insights that often were proven to be true once we visited the campus or spoke with students. I highly recommend it if you are trying to get a sense of a school before putting it on your list.

Oh one more thing – Niche also provides reviews of places to live and K-12. So depending on what’s going on in your life, it could be useful in other ways!