My Top Bacon Breakfast Hack

Bacon eggs breakfast


Did someone say bacon?

Here’s my current top bacon hack!

I know bacon has become a “thing” and it’s not mine—with certain exceptions.Thoughtfully integrated into a more substantial plot line, the smoked pig certainly has its place. And that’s not in a chocolate bar.

If I had religion, breakfast would be my sacrament, with bacon with eggs starring as the water and wine of my consecration. And then there’s the grits.

I was born to and raised in California by parents from the Deep South, and grits were often at the breakfast table. My adolescent rebellion led to an immature rejection of the soul food, but I’ve since both matured and embraced grits as a pillar of my nutritious diet. But that’s an entirely different post.

Bacon—I’ve tried a lot of them. The thin and pathetic Farmer John supermarket variety (how do they get away with calling it thick cut?) to the powerful mail-order varieties—the Neutskes and the Allen Brothers of heavy smoke and tons of flavor.

My current top culinary hack is a Daily’s product they call Ends and Pieces, and I get it at my local Costco for about $6 *for three pounds*. Sure, there’s a lot of fat in there, but I pick through it a little bit and then I cook it in my favorite bacon-cooking hack.

Bacon Ends and Pieces

Daily’s Bacon Ends and Pieces



Get a jelly-roil pan (that’s not a cookie sheet) and line it with foil, unless you enjoy washing pans. Scatter the lean bits around the sheet and place it in an oven at about 375 degrees (convection if you have it). DO NOT put it on a rack “to keep it out of the grease,” just bake it until it’s the way you like it. For some, that’s crispy, others like it less than crispy—whatever’s your pleasure.

The picture up top is what the Big Food Brands call a “serving suggestion” with my favorite Geechie Boy Speckled Grits from the Isle of Edisto.

Gotta bacon hack?