Raising a Kid – Video

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While Paul was out changing his clothes during our initial video shoot to introduce Our Bird Has Flown our makeup artist, the lovely Natalie Bohlin, asked me about raising a kid. We got into it and unlike our more light-hearted videos, this one got a bit deep. I didn’t know if these would make the cut, but they’re honest and deserve to be shared.

Paul was always pushing us (me) to stay ahead of Jesse’s growth even if it made me uncomfortable. Solo outings and watching Pulp Fiction both made me uncomfortable, but he was right (he loves when I say that). Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone is exactly what’s needed when raising a kid. Especially a smart one who needs you challenging him in new ways on the regular.

There was a lot about raising a kid that Paul had to teach me.

Keep them on a regular schedule when they’re little? I honestly didn’t even know that! I didn’t know it when I picked him, but Paul was the perfect balance to me as a parent.

It wasn’t always easy, but it definitely worked.