Ready? Prepared? College Looms!

Am I ready for this?

Yeah, sure!

Is that really the question?

The Real Question is: Is HE ready for this?

And the answer is: Yeah, sure!

There has always been a gap between what parents can teach their children and what the world needs to fill. We’ve never been parents who believe we live in some sort of vacuum, and all our child’s needs will be met by our abundant supply of love, understanding, and encyclopedic facts. We’re certainly obligated to provide all that, but the world will backfill the rest, and in increasing amounts as the child grows older.

At some point, if we’ve done our jobs correctly, the bird needs to fly. The world needs to take over—sometimes that’s fun, and often it’s the opposite of fun.


Ready for College!

New world out there!

The image above was taken on the #95 Amtrak Northwest Regional, heading south from Hamden to Newport News—the last of our college tours. It’s down to two colleges, both incredible opportunities, and we visit with the confidence of knowing he’s accepted at both—so the best choice will be made. Both colleges have great options, and as a result, often it comes down to the seat-of-the-pants feel: What feels right? That feeling is often exacerbated by influences that might or might not be relevant: that’s the trouble with feelings.

We adults are most often more interested in the hard facts. Money, rigor, the academics and the numbers—how many graduates are employed? How many in their field of study? We’re not the students and at some point they will decide for themselves, within the specified parameters of the checkbook holder. It’s a dance, it’s a play, and often includes where the boyfriend or girlfriend goes—much to the chagrin of the adults.

But I’m ready for it.


[Edit: And that choice is Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT!]