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An Inconclusive Cancer Screening in the Pinkest Month of the Year

An inconclusive mammogram in the pinkest month of the year is tough.

When I was about seven months pregnant, the doctor informed us that the ventricles in our baby’s brain were measuring larger than the standard range.  This was, of course, scary and meant that every couple of weeks for the remainder of the pregnancy we would have to schlep to the hospital for testing. They couldn’t […]

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Planning a Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip – OBHF Ep. 15

Paul's been planning a cross-country motorcycle trip for a while.

When Paul told me he was planning a cross-country motorcycle trip, I was both apprehensive and excited for him at the same time. What wife wouldn’t be?! He’s well trained, wears all the right gear and is cautious. The problem is all the car drivers out there who don’t watch out for motorcycles. They’re the […]

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Listener’s Letters: Inquiries Into Our Quest to Have a Top Parenting Teens Blog

We respond to listener's letters about our parenting teens blog

As we faced our son’s imminent departure, we asked ourselves, “Selves, what do we want to do with all this extra time we’ll have once our bird has flown?” and we answered, “Set out to create a parenting teens blog, that includes how we raised him (role-reversed), the college transition, and life as empty nesters.” […]

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The OBHF Podcast: Ep. 3 – The Lincoln Bedroom

Our teen doesn't love the idea of cleaning up, but cleaning it out? Watch out!Our podcast about clearing out our teen's room and why it will be The Lincoln Bedroom moving forward.

Reminiscing about how we found our home and the transition we’re now going through as we begin to clear out our son’s room – unexpected emotions just from clearing out a bookcase! Why we don’t believe in keeping your child’s room a shrine to them once they move out and how our son’s room will […]

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