Planning a Cross-Country Motorcycle Trip – OBHF Ep. 15

Paul's been planning a cross-country motorcycle trip for a while.

When Paul told me he was planning a cross-country motorcycle trip, I was both apprehensive and excited for him at the same time. What wife wouldn’t be?! He’s well trained, wears all the right gear and is cautious. The problem is all the car drivers out there who don’t watch out for motorcycles. They’re the […]

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Motorcycling Trip: Moab Canyonlands National Park


Moab’s Canyonlands National Park was my second bucket list motorcycling trip destination early this summer. It’s also my second trip around the famed White Rim Trail, about 100 miles of the purest motorcycling scenery the Southwest has to offer. Did you miss the first destination? The entire Canyonlands area is full of incredible scenery and […]

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Motorcycling Trip: Ouray -The Switzerland of America

Each year, I steal a few weeks from our family and take a motorcycling trip. I often go on a motorcycling trip alone, but sometimes with friends if I can round up a few. It’s gotten a bit easier as Jesse became mobile, but with Indra’s travel schedule and other family and work commitments, putting […]

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