The OBHF Podcast: Ep. 7 – Dads Who Inspire me: Meet Dave Cain Father of a Blended Family of 7

Dads Who Inspire Me: Meet Dave Cain

Another segment in the dads who inspire me series on the pod today. As with many friendships, Dave and I met because our kids went to the same school. Unlike our family, with one kid, Dave lives at the other end of the spectrum – with seven kids! We often wonder what life must be […]

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The OBHF Podcast: Ep. 3 – The Lincoln Bedroom

Our teen doesn't love the idea of cleaning up, but cleaning it out? Watch out!Our podcast about clearing out our teen's room and why it will be The Lincoln Bedroom moving forward.

Reminiscing about how we found our home and the transition we’re now going through as we begin to clear out our son’s room – unexpected emotions just from clearing out a bookcase! Why we don’t believe in keeping your child’s room a shrine to them once they move out and how our son’s room will […]

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Congratulations! It’s a Podcast!

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Welcome to the very first episode of the Our Bird Has Flown podcast hosted by me, Paul M Bowers, and my wife, Indra Gardiner Bowers. Listen every Thursday for discussions about role reversed parenting, fatherhood, experts, mom life and the teen perspective. Ten years ago, Indra went to the first Blog World conference and while […]

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