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The OBHF Podcast: Ep. 3 – The Lincoln Bedroom

Our teen doesn't love the idea of cleaning up, but cleaning it out? Watch out!Our podcast about clearing out our teen's room and why it will be The Lincoln Bedroom moving forward.

Reminiscing about how we found our home and the transition we’re now going through as we begin to clear out our son’s room – unexpected emotions just from clearing out a bookcase! Why we don’t believe in keeping your child’s room a shrine to them once they move out and how our son’s room will […]

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Legal Documents Your 18-Year-Old Dependent Should Sign

legal documents for 18-year old dependents

My list of worry items as we careen towards college move-in is long, but having my son sign legal documents wasn’t even on my radar until a recent conversation with an attorney friend. As we discussed our impending empty nest, he said “You know about FERPA right?”. Of course I didn’t know about FERPA! It’s […]

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