The College Contract: OBHF Podcast Ep. 10

Our baby gets his first haircut.

The very first haircut.

Time to talk about the college contract. Are you familiar with the college contract? Not everyone is a fan, but we like it. Some call it the parent-student contract. It’s an opportunity to review your agreements as a family as your teen sets off to college.

The college contract works both ways.

It outlines the things your student agrees to uphold while at college, while also affirming the obligations the parents have to their child.

Some families write it all down and sign it. Some just talk about it on a podcast.

In this episode we chat with our bird about:

  • Maintaining his GPA, because without it he can’t go to Quinnipiac!
  • How much we’d like to have tuck-in time again
  • What Jesse’s favorite curse word is
  • And more….

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  • The College Contract Transcript OBHF Podcast Ep. 10

    00:00:13;22 – 00:01:51;24

    PAUL BOWERS: Hello and welcome to the our bird has flown podcast. My guests are the two most important people in my life and that is Indra Gardiner Bowers and Jesse Tomas Bowers our bird which is about to fly.


    I feel like I take a little less importance here. Well that’s probably appropriate without because without her there wouldn’t be a U. Good point. It’s so close to 50 50 maybe 60 40. Not so close. I think I think a white robe so crates might have something to say about whether you save the drowning person to save the son and save the mother. Oh oh I don’t have that conversation right. Let’s not. We have a different topic today right. Right. We do have a topic today. But first we have to talk about green fresh florals Jesse do you know green fresh florals. I have heard of Green flesh fresh florals but why don’t you inform me a little bit more about green fresh florals green fresh florals is run by Carlos Franco our friend and he is a sponsor of our bird has flown podcast. You can see green fresh florals at green fresh florals. Dot com to mouthful I know but you’ve received some great flowers from Green from most beautiful flowers come from green fresh flowers. So every time you guys said it just slowly gets engraved into my mind it’s reached frequency and continuity. We call that advertising. So Jesse you’re about to leave for school probably in about a week and a week. It represents the single most expensive investment our family has made other than our home and it’s pretty darn close.


    00:01:51;24 – 00:01:55;02

    JESSE BOWERS: Interesting I thought you were gonna say the single most important event in my life.


    00:01:55;02 – 00:02:22;20

    PAUL BOWERS: But that’s slightly different. Well I think your birth would have to be right up there or the night that I met your mom. Once again we’re going to go back to Socrates and see if he has something to say about that. So. You’re off to college and while you will be 18 and an adult at the same time you’re dependant. We’re going to be paying for everything and so we thought it was important for us to have some sort of written contract.


    00:02:23;04 – 00:02:26;02

    INDRA BOWERS: About college. Does that seem like a good idea to you?


    00:02:26;13 – 00:02:43;09

    JESSE BOWERS: Well I mean the IRS already has a written contract for us that says I’m a dependent so I figure that that might do. But if you want to have a different one I’m sure we can figure something out. Well we had something more mind about that sort of expectations and behavior related.


    00:02:44;15 – 00:02:57;16

    PAUL BOWERS: You may discover that no the IRS does not cover that. And both mom and I have little notepads in front of us and we had a few topics of discussion for you. Oh fun. It will be. So.


    00:02:58;02 – 00:03:08;29

    INDRA BOWERS: It is our privilege to have you go into college and we are both excited and thrilled for you. You will be missed. You are going to a college that’s Three thousand and eighty eight miles away.


    00:03:10;07 – 00:03:24;25

    PAUL BOWERS: That number. Well that is the number of my motorcycling route that I hope to one day ride. Not a direct route it’s not as a crow flies or anything like that but. So.


    00:03:25;06 – 00:03:36;12

    INDRA BOWERS: We’re thrilled and were very proud of you. And good job and good job in high school. Getting the grades that you did and good job writing the essays and doing the interviews it got you to this spot in college.


    00:03:36;12 – 00:04:15;13

    PAUL BOWERS: So let’s be clear about that. Okay. We’re clear about that. Good. So here’s the thing. We have expectations for your behavior and one of them is to maintain a grade point average that keeps your scholarship. That has to happen because if you drop below what is a 3. Point 3.0 is that right. I think it’s a three point five. No I think at that point I think that it’s achievable. I think I thought it was a three point five for a while and then I got really worried about it and I checked. So it’s a 3.0.


    00:04:15;19 – 00:04:26;14

    INDRA BOWERS: And we spoke with the admissions guy you and they have lots of backup for you if they see you slipping. If they think that you’re in academic trouble.


    00:04:26;21 – 00:04:33;03

    PAUL BOWERS: Then they will intervene and provide you with resources in order to bring your grades up right. But I do have to tell you straight up that.


    00:04:33;17 – 00:04:39;24

    INDRA BOWERS: If you lose the scholarship we can’t afford to keep you at that college.


    00:04:40;02 – 00:04:42;27

    PAUL BOWERS: So is that a reasonable agreement?


    00:04:43;14 – 00:04:47;11

    JESSE BOWERS: Yeah of course I wouldn’t make you do something you can’t afford.


    00:04:47;27 – 00:05:08;03

    PAUL BOWERS: Well you’re sure you would but um okay but I wouldn’t force you to do it. You could get. Okay so I don’t know if the microphone is getting this here but I’m writing that down as a yes. Let’s see. We also. Then this is one is more soft science. But.


    00:05:09;26 – 00:05:21;16

    INDRA BOWERS: We have an expectation that you’ll conduct yourself according to the values of our family. And that means. You know you’re kind to people.


    00:05:22;02 – 00:05:45;12

    PAUL BOWERS: You’re not in a hole. Yeah exactly you’re not in a hole. Do you think that you could manage that for four years. As far as I’m concerned the school’s policies and your policies on this are pretty much the same. So yeah I can I can confirm that back and I’m happy to hear that. Well we have a higher expectation than the school does. But nevertheless I don’t know actually.


    00:05:45;23 – 00:05:54;22

    INDRA BOWERS: Nevertheless the point on this is that you’re not an emancipated individual at this point. You still have to answer to our authority.


    00:05:54;22 – 00:06:12;29

    PAUL BOWERS: We are your lords and masters. See this happened in Russia. But that didn’t really go so well for them. So think of this as a benevolent dictatorship.


    00:06:13;05 – 00:06:16;07

    JESSE BOWERS: Yes. Again that happened in Russia and that didn’t go so well either.


    00:06:16;08 – 00:06:19;09

    INDRA BOWERS: I don’t think there’s any benevolent dictatorships in Russia.


    00:06:19;09 – 00:06:49;03

    PAUL BOWERS: But nevertheless you get the idea is that that we have expectations for your codes of conduct. And if you for example you did criminal crime stuff , if you go to get a part time job which we’re going to cover you get a part time job and you’re stealing from them. We’re going to be disinclined to support a college student who does that kind of stuff. As expected. All right. Speaking of jobs. We have every intention of footing the bill for everything.


    00:06:50;12 – 00:06:59;23

    INDRA BOWERS: In the first year. Because we think that you’re better served by not being distracted by a job yet.


    00:06:59;29 – 00:07:06;29

    PAUL BOWERS: I know that you are. You thrive at work. You really enjoy it. Part of that I think is the.


    00:07:08;06 – 00:07:20;15

    INDRA BOWERS: Immediate gratification of a job well done you see it happening people around you are pleased with your work. And I think that’s great. And I’m going to ask you to withhold that experience for the first year.


    00:07:20;27 – 00:07:26;04

    PAUL BOWERS: Because I want you more connected to college. Does that sound like something you can live with. Yeah of course.


    00:07:26;08 – 00:07:32;15

    JESSE BOWERS: I already don’t have any connections out there so I’m pretty sure I can’t get a job until later.




    00:07:32;15 – 00:08:40;26

    PAUL BOWERS: There are exceptions. You have some connections with your existing job at Catalina dot com and Tommy Gomes is a friend of the Our Bird has Flown podcast. Not a sponsor but they could be just so could you cough cough cough cough. Not you Jesse but we listeners we don’t have any money. I invite we invite our listeners that might be interested in sponsoring Our Bird Has Flown podcast to step up and we’ll make you a good deal particularly right now when we’re just getting started because in a year it’s going to be different. Nevertheless you still have some connections there. There was some discussion about remote working doing some I.T. stuff for them and I don’t really have any objection to that. Obviously if it doesn’t affect your grades. Does that work? That works fine for me. All right. Starting the second year we’re going to start expecting you to contribute more so you’re going to be working on campus you’re going to be an R.A. or something. You have to start offsetting the cost of the education and part of that is what’s called skin in the game. We want you.


    00:08:41;08 – 00:09:01;23

    INDRA BOWERS: To feel it. You’re paying for a certain thing and you’re invested in its outcome. So that will increase over the following years. We’ll still cover obviously tuition books and room and board and these kind of things normal room and board. You’ll get to move off campus so much. So.


    00:09:03;09 – 00:10:08;08

    PAUL BOWERS: That I’ve always wanted to live like Howard Hughes. So if I had to work on as had been living like Howard last 18 years there’s a lot of not trimming of the fingernails and walking hey hey so I my. I threw down from Jenelle’s and just imagine what it would be like if Howard Hughes had had. I don’t know whatever you play at night or whatever it is. No he is not. Oh why would you directly and so even on air Minecraft for it. And I just imagine what Howard Hughes’s life in that penthouse in Las Vegas would be like if he had had Minecraft. Probably a lot different than it was currently a lot different than it was but probably really similar to what your life has been for not at all. I think anybody here overly exaggerating. Well. Wait a minute. Overly exaggerating is that. Well it’s redundant isn’t it. Yes I think I’m moving on. Mom do you have anything.


    00:10:08;26 – 00:10:10;24

    INDRA BOWERS: I do I have a few. Are you ready?


    00:10:11;08 – 00:10:32;01

    PAUL BOWERS: Oh boy. OK. So I said boy and you say OK should we ask him for some first or just OK I get to go as the benevolent dictator. So one of the things I would like to add to the college contact list. Is that. You are.


    00:10:32;13 – 00:10:34;24

    INDRA BOWERS: Doing your laundry.


    00:10:34;25 – 00:10:37;19

    JESSE BOWERS: This is already given.


    00:10:37;28 – 00:10:41;19

    JESSE BOWERS: Ah. Because there’s nobody to do my laundry for me.


    00:10:41;19 – 00:10:45;04

    PAUL BOWERS: You realize you’re in order to do the laundry you have to pick it up off the floor.


    00:10:45;04 – 00:11:02;12

    INDRA BOWERS: Yes I’m sure there’s that. So if I had my way you would do laundry. Every week. To change your sheets and towels. I have the feeling. That may not happen so I’m going to ask that it happens at least every other week. Oh first clean when I need to clean.


    00:11:02;23 – 00:11:05;29

    JESSE BOWERS: It. All right now it’s clean and clean.


    00:11:05;29 – 00:11:15;07

    JESSE BOWERS: I mean frequently because I am a person and my clothes will get dirty so I will have to clean them. So you’re talking about a a.


    00:11:15;14 – 00:11:25;26

    PAUL BOWERS: An enormous change. Yes this is going to be one of the large adult steps forward. Wow. Yes. Right.


    00:11:25;28 – 00:11:31;24

    INDRA BOWERS: This will be an adult thing step forward is you doing your laundry regularly OK during laundry regularly.


    00:11:31;24 – 00:11:48;20

    PAUL BOWERS: What else. Well. I’m really hoping that we are going to have some sort of regular. Texting in our lives with you. Should we put a requirement that dad would like to have you text each of us. Three times a day.


    00:11:49;03 – 00:11:52;15

    INDRA BOWERS: Individually with a couple of group chats in between.


    00:11:52;16 – 00:12:11;03

    PAUL BOWERS: Be nice may be some you know some sort of reporting a quarter sort of a repertoire. As I sit here in computer class. So. If you just remember. Let’s take a step back here about the only explanation of some sort.


    00:12:11;04 – 00:12:14;15

    JESSE BOWERS: Because now I’ll just leave it short. I’m going to go to.


    00:12:15;07 – 00:12:24;02

    PAUL BOWERS: School. So about 100 years ago there is this great little thing. Called the czars. In.


    00:12:25;14 – 00:12:36;09

    JESSE BOWERS: Russia. You see is going to start this glorious casting glorious revolution and you know what if you need Russian viewers this is the way to do it.


    00:12:36;17 – 00:12:55;23

    PAUL BOWERS: This is just part of the loving benevolent dictatorship hey we’re paying for it. So he’s got his not. So OK so three texts a day apparently with a couple of intervening with group chat. OK. Well negotiate on this list negotiate on this. Oh OK. OK.


    00:12:55;29 – 00:13:11;29

    JESSE BOWERS: I simply with the hardware that I have I can’t fulfill this quote that big iPhone you have without a benevolent dictator parents were too I don’t know upgrade the hardware that I was using.


    00:13:11;29 – 00:13:14;13

    JESSE BOWERS: That’s a little old and outdated.


    00:13:15;02 – 00:13:27;05

    JESSE BOWERS: Maybe with that high school graduation gift you got. I can’t even believe you’re saying that my phone is not my phone was not upgraded. That was mine. There was a 9.


    00:13:27;11 – 00:13:53;10

    PAUL BOWERS: So. So. OK well let’s back burner that issue and we’ll come back to that. No no. We’ll circle back around. Boy. How’s that. Mom Do we have anything else for him. We could we could talk about. Ruming. I don’t know if we want to talk about that now but here’s what I’m a little worried about talking about Repasky cares here.


    00:13:53;15 – 00:14:00;22

    JESSE BOWERS: No I do not want to talk about the man escaping you guys. Here’s what I’m thinking about thinking about your mop top.


    00:14:01;20 – 00:14:07;23

    INDRA BOWERS: Your hair. I have this feeling that you’re going to go see Cathy next week. Right?


    00:14:08;26 – 00:14:18;20

    PAUL BOWERS: I’m not confirming or denying this. You’re going to go see Kathy next week. And then. Somehow you’re going to go.


    00:14:19;11 – 00:14:22;25

    INDRA BOWERS: All the way makes you.


    00:14:24;07 – 00:14:26;20

    PAUL BOWERS: Oh wait wait is this a good time to talk about tattoos.


    00:14:27;11 – 00:14:29;29

    JESSE BOWERS: Oh boy. Oh no.


    00:14:30;28 – 00:14:53;22

    PAUL BOWERS: I think I think tattoos are like a no. Well. You. See we’re all in agreement on that. What about piercings also. No I don’t like pain. That’s a slant. We’re all on the same page. OK so maybe you’ll get a little bit of credit on the texting thing. What about the. Well. We. I haven’t heard any.


    00:14:54;29 – 00:14:57;17

    INDRA BOWERS: Definitive response here.


    00:14:57;22 – 00:15:03;21

    PAUL BOWERS: Well there is a reason for it. Does that mean. Are you going to be a hippie.


    00:15:03;22 – 00:15:06;03

    JESSE BOWERS: Doesn’t mean I’m going to be a hippie it just means I’m not going to give you a definitive response.


    00:15:06;03 – 00:15:13;04

    INDRA BOWERS: Does that mean you’re going to get off the plane at Thanksgiving and we’re going to be like parting the hair to see your beautiful eyes.


    00:15:13;04 – 00:15:18;18

    JESSE BOWERS: I mean there was a great song about it. I don’t know what it was called but it was something about hair.


    00:15:20;05 – 00:15:38;23

    PAUL BOWERS: Almost cut my hair. Oh wait we can’t afford that song. Yeah it’s called the strike. I know that somebody is going to pick that up pick up that verse again. So we’ll talk we’ll hear about it and I will ask you is this the podcast where I do my musical number.


    00:15:38;23 – 00:15:43;20

    JESSE BOWERS: No this is the podcast where you get our family sued.


    00:15:43;25 – 00:15:58;02

    PAUL BOWERS: That would be like hey we covered tattoos or no piercings. No. You’ve agreed to at least a decent haircut. Plan. Would you say that he has not agreed to take.


    00:15:58;04 – 00:16:01;14

    INDRA BOWERS: Please at least say you will get your hair cut before you go to college.


    00:16:01;14 – 00:16:03;16

    JESSE BOWERS: I’m going to get my hair cut before I go to college.


    00:16:03;29 – 00:16:22;16

    PAUL BOWERS: Oh hey I’m listening you know before you go to college right? In a way yes. Cathy Holmes. She’s at Indigo, Indigo Salon in Hillcrest. If you’re local in San Diego, Cathy Holmes is your first stop for a haircut and grooming. Cathy does both men and women.


    00:16:22;28 – 00:16:27;16

    JESSE BOWERS: Wait a minute. Oh no you did not say that right now, no you didn’t.


    00:16:29;03 – 00:16:53;27

    INDRA BOWERS: Sorry Cathy. Hey just for those of you who are actually fans of the Bowers family Cathy has been, was the first person to cut Jesse’s hair. I mean we have the photo. We’ll post it with this podcast. So you can see the most adorable little shot of Paul holding Jesse for his very first haircut.


    00:16:54;10 – 00:17:03;20

    INDRA BOWERS: Jesse is there anything that you would like to offer us in return for this tremendous opportunity going to a private college in the north east.


    00:17:03;20 – 00:17:11;09

    PAUL BOWERS: I think my very presence coming home is enough blessing us with your presence. Yes.


    00:17:11;20 – 00:17:18;23

    JESSE BOWERS: I’ll walk in the home with one of those little smoke things and walk through the House and bless this house. Oh.


    00:17:19;06 – 00:17:21;07

    PAUL BOWERS: You’re going to burn. You’re going to burn sage?


    00:17:22;02 – 00:17:38;16

    JESSE BOWERS: You can burn it in the new guest room that we’re going to have over here in the…for context for our listeners. They’re going to you know, they’re going to come home and then about three days later they’re tearing my room apart.


    00:17:40;06 – 00:18:34;15

    PAUL BOWERS: It’s true. Right over here in the corner of the dusty urban ham shack studio lit by a single Edison bulb hanging from the ceiling. There is a whole pile of, collection of furniture and hand painted wallpaper. There’s boxes and stuff and I’m not I’m not okay with all this would be awesome and I have to say I have to apologize again, the other day you weren’t home. I thought. You were home from work. And I wasn’t expecting you and I had made an appointment with a flooring guy for your room and was like oops sorry just zoning for the new curtains guys but you know. I think it’s time for you to talk about one of our other sponsors and the or bird has flown podcast. Oh you must be talking about the national conflict resolution center and NCRC That’s right. NCRC.


    00:18:35;02 – 00:18:48;16

    INDRA BOWERS: Is a local treasure. They focus in conflict resolution and in particular they offer divorce mediation services which I believe you are going to be talking about with a mediator in the near future. Yeah.


    00:18:49;17 – 00:19:00;07

    PAUL BOWERS: Because we’re getting divorced? Is there something you..? What we have now we are actually going to put in our experts series talking about Divorce mediation. For those couples who…


    00:19:00;26 – 00:19:03;02

    INDRA BOWERS: Just can’t make it work after their kids leave.


    00:19:03;02 – 00:20:12;03

    PAUL BOWERS: Not us. We know they’re out there so that’s NCRC check them out. There’s lots of training programs if you have a company or organization that also can benefit from this kind of corporate training. Do check out and we thank them at the our bird has flown podcast for their generous support. Thank you. So, Jesse. There’s got to be more to add here. What are your expectations for us? I mean other than money other than just the money. Hey you’ve got to have the money, scholastic so.


    00:20:12;16 – 00:20:20;28

    JESSE BOWERS: I don’t really have very many expectations. Actually no that’s not true. I have a couple. Oh I have. Actually realistically I have one request. It’s not an expectation since I got my phone. We’ve had some sort of tracker on it now I know this is common for a lot of families but I know for a lot of families it’s not and for a select number of viewers that listen to this show.

    That I will not name on the air. That’s totally foreign. Now when I get to college my request is that it’s turned off.


    00:20:21;08 – 00:20:45;17

    PAUL BOWERS: Entirely. Yeah I’m going to say that’s a no. And I’m going to explain why. And you will have some control over that. So may I offer an explanation? You can offer an explanation. I even have your mom and I track each other. Also it’s not for punishment based stuff. It’s.


    00:20:47;01 – 00:21:01;02

    INDRA BOWERS: It’s not. First of all scheduling you know where she is she on the way. The other thing. But even if you weren’t going off to college even if you were emancipated guy you’re still a member of our family and.


    00:21:02;16 – 00:21:26;29

    PAUL BOWERS: I would like to know that you’re existing on the planet. I would like to know that you’re having a good time even if you’re in New York when you should be in class. You’re still a family member. And I would still like to know where you are. So here’s my suggestion for that. Let’s keep the tracking device on. And if for some reason I misuse it.  It’s likely to be not likely to be mom. But for some reason if I misuse it. You could then say if you don’t chill out dad I’m going to turn it off.


    00:21:40;29 – 00:22:47;27

    INDRA BOWERS: Can I. Can I weigh in on this? Sure. So. Life is not as it used to be. And scary things happen. And sometimes unfortunately scary things happen on campuses. And you are going to be on the other side of the country. Yes. And so that right there is sort of a leap of faith right that you’re going to be that far away. And if something were to happen it’s we’re a day’s flight to get to you. And so. Knowing that if something were to happen that we could look on our phones to see where you are. And stay connected. Or. Let me reverse that. You’re in Connecticut. And you hear that there is an earthquake in California. Which happens and we’re overdue for one, so yeah. Wouldn’t you want to know that you could look immediately if you couldn’t see or connect with us on phone like let’s say that communications were down when you want to at least try to look at Life 360 to see where we were.


    00:22:48;16 – 00:23:19;25

    JESSE BOWERS: OK. And then let me pose the counter argument for that. I don’t intend to be on campus 100 percent of the time when I’ve got downtime. I will have downtime at some point regardless of what you say. I’m not going to want to be on campus. I’m going to want to go and spend a couple of nights in Boston or New York City or wherever I possibly can. And that means that I would prefer to not be tracked by my parents while I’m in Boston or New York City or wherever I am. Well I think that this does come down to.


    00:23:21;05 – 00:23:27;17

    PAUL BOWERS: Emancipation or not as long as you’re dependent. I think that we have the right to know where you are.


    00:23:29;02 – 00:23:40;15

    INDRA BOWERS: Now. You know we expect you to go and do these things. That’s part of the thing and if we look and we see that you’re traveling or something we’re going to say.


    00:23:40;29 – 00:24:14;23

    PAUL BOWERS: Go for it. But I do think that. I think that. Like your mom says things happen. And natural disasters happen attacks happen these kind of things. And I think that we would be foolish as a family to not keep track of each other for that reason. Now again. I promise you if I get obsessive, if I’m calling and saying what the hell were you doing. That would be grounds for us to reconsider that. Yeah. But I also think that.


    00:24:15;07 – 00:24:28;29

    INDRA BOWERS: You’re not necessarily considering the changes that are happening in our relationship. I have tracked you because I had expectations where you were going to be and when you were going to be because we’re your parents. We manage.


    00:24:30;03 – 00:24:35;18

    PAUL BOWERS: But that’s not the case anymore. And give us a chance to prove that to you.


    00:24:36;04 – 00:24:39;22

    INDRA BOWERS: And if we abuse it or something we can revisit that.


    00:24:39;23 – 00:25:02;10

    PAUL BOWERS: Does that sound like a compromise.


    JESSE BOWERS: That sounds fine to me. OK. That’s good.


    PAUL M BOWERS:So let’s talk about the tucking into bed nightly. OK. You know when you go to bed at night and you’re tucked in your room. You call us and we’ll read you a story. So.


    00:25:04;29 – 00:25:19;11

    JESSE BOWERS: Knowing that there are public listeners for us and for the sake of my own case this isn’t something that happens as the norm. In fact I normally either don’t talk to one of my parents before I go to sleep because they’re gone or doing something or in the garage or walking the dog. So.


    00:25:31;04 – 00:25:55;12

    PAUL BOWERS: Well I think that’s true. I know he’s looked let me say that. I’m not saying we should continue our tradition of that we haven’t been doing that since you were I don’t know seven or eight or something like probably even less than like six or five or 15 or so. But I thought it was time for a new family ritual. I know that your mom would enjoy it.


    00:25:56;16 – 00:26:01;06

    INDRA BOWERS: So maybe you could select a story? We could read Harry Potter now.


    00:26:01;16 – 00:26:06;12

    JESSE BOWERS: This is not happening that would be no. I’m not agreeing.


    00:26:06;17 – 00:26:18;08

    PAUL BOWERS: So negative. Oh boy. We thought we’d try. So do we. Is there anything else we need to cover? It’s just a show.


    00:26:18;21 – 00:26:21;15

    JESSE BOWERS: Well so the only thing.


    00:26:21;20 – 00:26:39;29

    INDRA BOWERS: Here’s the deal. We’ve been incredibly fortunate in that you have not been a drug user or a drinker. We’ve had no episodes. And I’m very, very grateful for that. I would be shocked if that continued through college.


    00:26:39;29 – 00:27:12;03

    PAUL BOWERS: Oh honey you know it’s college. See mom’s a realist. And so all I ask is that. You have friends who are there to have your back. And not encourage you just in bad behavior and that you know when you need to call an uber and not get in a car. And that you know how to behave around young women. And just sort of…


    00:27:12;19 – 00:27:25;17

    INDRA BOWERS: Know your limits. I guess what I would ask. I think. Particularly since you’re under age. Well even if you’re over age we have an expectation of your behavior that.


    00:27:26;16 – 00:27:38;09

    PAUL BOWERS: Does not include excessive drinking and excessive drug use. And. You can not join Delta house.


    00:27:39;29 – 00:27:49;21

    JESSE BOWERS: I think we need to watch that movie before you go. If you at any point. Walk into a. Cafeteria. And you hear in the background.


    00:27:50;11 – 00:28:04;03

    PAUL BOWERS: Don’t know much about history and we can’t afford that song either. But you need to leave the cafeteria immediately before you do the job. Do you understand? Yeah I feel like there’s a line that will be crossed there and I don’t really.


    00:28:04;21 – 00:28:07;04

    JESSE BOWERS: Have the authority to make that line.


    00:28:07;06 – 00:28:19;13

    PAUL BOWERS: And don’t give up to that. Did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? What was I just went into a whole other Galaxy. Yeah. So yeah.


    00:28:19;28 – 00:28:29;06

    INDRA BOWERS: Drugs and alcohol are a realistic part of the college experience. And we expect you to use your excellent judgment.


    00:28:29;20 – 00:28:36;08

    JESSE BOWERS: Ah yes my perfect judgment. I say as I put the lighter on my desk down.


    00:28:36;27 – 00:28:52;11

    PAUL BOWERS: Now let’s talk about dating. Thinking. We’re thinking within the second day that you should forward a small bio. Including Social Security number and name of parents for anyone that you might choose to have.


    00:28:52;16 – 00:29:02;20

    JESSE BOWERS: Oh no no no. Listen I have made the decision myself to never ever connect you guys with parents of any significant other I have ever again.


    00:29:03;06 – 00:30:28;14

    PAUL BOWERS:  Yeah sounds. I don’t like that decision. having the decision’s already been made now but it certainly could limit your options because when you say hey I want to take Robin to Europe. I’m going to say well we don’t know Robin. We don’t know Robin’s parents so.


    JESSE BOWERS: So how are you going to stop me?


    PAUL M BOWERS: Well because the money flow. Right. Yeah. But yeah ok. Anyway. Anyway so you know it doesn’t have to be anything formal but a short bio. Maybe it includes some transcripts from high school. I think all social media channels would be a good thing. Let’s see what else.


    JESSE BOWERS: My current significant other is going to be listening to this at some point. She will. She says she listens to this podcast, her and Rory. Podcast girls. Hello ladies and welcome to the our bird has flown podcast. Pressing him, embarrassing are you. Are you turning red? We are. We don’t know because we’re over. Here in another room so you wouldn’t throw things at us. It’s also like really hot in here. So there’s that. Oh you know that you don’t have air conditioning in your suite?


    00:30:28;24 – 00:30:38;20

    JESSE BOWERS: Yes I’m well aware of one thing the communication has already begun about an A C unit.


    INDRA BOWERS: Oh jeez. So.


    00:30:38;29 – 00:31:11;11

    PAUL BOWERS: Just you’re probably not familiar with James Lipton. Nor actor studio. I’m a fan of Will Ferrell and Will Ferrell imitates James Lipton who imitates Bernard Pivot from Le Cordon Bleu and there’s a series of questions that he asks at every last part of the interview. And I thought since we’re reaching the last part of our interview I might ask you this question. Are you ready J?


    00:31:13;10 – 00:31:16;02

    JESSE BOWERS: Go ahead.


    00:31:16;09 – 00:31:18;11

    PAUL BOWERS: Jesse Tomas Bowers. What is your favorite curse word?


    00:31:19;20 – 00:31:23;11

    JESSE BOWERS: Really?


    00:31:23;18 – 00:31:31;07

    PAUL BOWERS: I don’t think that really is a curse word.


    JESSE BOWERS: So. I actually have an answer for this.


    INDRA BOWERS: I’ll bet you have.


    00:31:32;02 – 00:31:50;23

    JESSE BOWERS: I do. I have a Twitter of course, everybody follow me on Twitter at Jesse Bowers. I have a lot of great tweets you should follow me. These names. One of my recent. Things that I did was I had a robot run a. Tweet Cloud on my account. So it shows all of the  used most words often. And so I was really curious as you said it is one word.


    00:31:51;03 – 00:32:02;11

    PAUL BOWERS: Is it empathy?


    00:32:02;11 – 00:32:18;19

    JESSE BOWERS: No actually interestingly enough the most used word on my Twitter account is love. Yeah.


    PAUL M BOWERS: So is that your favorite curse word?


    JESSE BOWERS:The second most used word on my Twitter account is fucking.


    00:32:20;20 – 00:32:51;24

    PAUL BOWERS: Surprise. I’m surprised that you could write that down much less…


    JESSE BOWERS: The most used here on my Twitter account is fuck so I would say that my favorite curse word is probably just fuck.


    INDRA BOWERS: All In The Family.


    PAUL M BOWERS: So it’s time to end another segment of the our bird has flown podcast brought to you by the National Conflict Resolution Center. And…?


    00:32:52;15 – 00:33:00;04

    INDRA BOWERS: Me? Also brought to you by Green fresh florals.


    00:33:00;04 – 00:33:33;05

    PAUL BOWERS: You can subscribe and listen to the our bird has flown podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or whatever that is. Share it. So you can and don’t miss our blog. Guess what it’s called? Yeah we produce the our bird has flown podcast in the dusty urban hemp shack studio of WB 6 TWD that’s Whiskey Bravo 6 Quebec Whiskey Delta, here in San Diego.


    00:33:33;16 – 00:33:38;09

    JESSE BOWERS: I can say a bunch of numbers really fast too.


    PAUL M BOWERS: But the right ones?




    00:33:39;18 – 00:33:53;27

    PAUL M BOWERS: You go. Thanks for listening to the our bird has flown podcast. We’ll see you next episode Thanks for clicking in. Good night and goodbye. So long. Bye.


    00:33:54;19 – 00:33:58;19

    INDRA BOWERS: Bye bye.


    00:34:03;08 – 00:34:09;23

    JESSE BOWERS: Follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.