Who’s Walking the Dog?

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When we adopted our rescue Lab, Lucy, the plan was that I would be walking the dog for exercise. How else was I going to get those 10,000 steps in everyday? But you know that old saying “The best laid plans…”? Well, I’ve been traveling a lot for work and Paul wakes up before the crack of dawn. I’ll wake up and he’s already gone.

Paul is now logging lots of miles walking the dog.

He listens to excellent podcasts and is ripping through books on our Audible account. He is particularly fond of mystery thrillers so if you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments (he goes through them so fast he is in constant need of a what-to-read-next list). He takes walking the dog very seriously (as you will see in this video).

He’s also been posting some great photos of Lucy. Lucy at dawn, Lucy at sunset, Lucy in profile…Our friends now refer to Lucy as #mywifesdog.

Even though I get a little peeved that I’m not walking the dog as planned, I feel all that love Paul is sending my way through the act of taking care of “my dog”. And I like the bonus points that at least he’s getting some exercise!

walking the dog